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Book Review – Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed by Zombie Zak

Chapter and Versed, Poetic and Cursed
by Zombie Zak

Reviewing poetry is a lot more difficult than reviewing a novel.  As with anthologies, one has to not only look at the pieces individually but also as a whole collection.  Now, why poetry is especially difficult to review is because you need to not only read each piece individually and the collection as a whole, but you should also be able to decipher the poem and read between the lines.  I know, it sounds very complicated, but everyone can configure their minds to work that way if they practise enough.  To add to all of this, you should also keep in mind the long list of poetic terminology like alliteration, metaphors and the like, which needless to say is a schlep for most. 
Now, coming back to Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed by Zombie Zak…  At first glance one might think, but what does poetry about zombies, the undead and everything dark and unnatural have to do with hidden meanings and real emotions.  You’ll be surprised.  Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed is a deep collection that not only takes the mortality of humans into account, but also loneliness, confusion and hatred among many other feelings.  The poetry is dark and graphic at times, but the imagery is broad and extremely descriptive. 
I usually give a taste of what you can get in such a poetry collection simply to show you, the reader what is in store for you, and of my favourite poems was No Weapon of Mass Destruction:

No Weapon of Mass Destruction
No weapon of mass destruction
No idea of concrete creation
No moment of idiomatic symmetry
No device of incongruity
No plan of barbaric intent
No agenda of modest rent
No agent of dissention
No focus of concentration
No simple fact or fear
Shall deter me dear.
Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed by Zombie Zak

All in all I do think that Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed was well put together and the horror that Zombie Zak brought into his poetry was just the right amount of gore needed for the horror fanatic and also that he kept some of his poetry lighter and more fun.  There’s a really good balance in this collection and I would suggest it to any poetry lover, horror reader or zombie enthusiast.  It’s perfect to have on your bedside table for a quick read before bed, so that your dreams can be filled with zombies and gore.  

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