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Book Review – Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown

Babble Creek is a small town in North Carolina, here a young boy, Jeff Taylor witnessed the horrific murder of his father and brother by what can only be seen as the infamous and legendary creature, namely the Sasquatch.  Scarred for life and hungry for revenge, Jeff Taylor leaves Babble Creek, only to return after many years and after two tours of duty in Iraq to finally get what he has dreamt about all his life.  However Babble Creek is not the same place it was and his revenge will ultimately spur on a war between humans and a community of creatures that technically doesn’t even exist.
Everyone has heard of Bigfoot, every country has its own version of the legend and every country calls it something else… these creatures, according to legend and research, may not necessarily act the same as their cousins, but in the end it comes down to them being oversized human-ape-like-creatures.  Some folks say they’re harmless missing links and will be friendly if ever they were found… others fear they won’t be so lucky.  Either way, the legend is a well-known one, even in small African villages hardly anyone has even heard of…  However, the creature’s existence is still only a speculative and laughed off theory in the scientific community, whereas in the writer’s community, Bigfoot is a plausible antagonist that surely needs a spot on top with all those other infamous monsters.
Bigfoot Wars by Eric S. Brown is yet another piece of evidence in this regard.  A brilliantly written novella based on not only the known legends of these creatures, but also bringing some interesting theories which anthropologists probably never even thought of, to the table, Eric S. Brown created a story that cannot be explained as anything other than legendary.  The story follows numerous characters in their fight for survival after pissing off the Bigfoot community that has been residing in the woods of Babble Creek and the action that Eric S. Brown creates is quite intense and pleasingly gory.  The characters are relatable and the plot unravels at a good pace. 
I quite enjoyed how such a short story was able to captivate my imagination for such a prolonged period of time, usually novella’s just get you interested and the ending leaves you feeling nothing other than used and abused.  With Bigfoot Wars you will not have that problem.  Although I would have much preferred Eric S. Brown to have turned this into a novel, perhaps even a trilogy, Bigfoot Wars was able to generate just the right amount of ‘wanting more’.  Other than that critique, I cannot complain at all.  There was some very creative kills and the battles were really well thought out and written.
Basically what I’d like to say is, get it, read it and I am sure if you love mythological creatures getting revenge on humans in such a fashion that it would put zombies to shame… well you’ll adore it to bits.  It is definitely worthy of two extremely hairy and inhuman thumbs up.

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