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Film Review – Beastly

Remember that wondrous animated film that shows that true love is out there no matter what your appearance is like… the one that shows beauty is but skin deep?  Well this movie is based on the animated fairytale that won the hearts of young and old, namely Beauty and the Beast.  You have the “Beauty” and you have the obnoxious jerk that turns into the “Beast” and only true love can change him back into his handsome self. 
Yes, folks this is another modern remake of a true classic fairytale and after I watched Red Riding Hood (yet another modern twist on a fairytale, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and which by the way sucked ass), I initially didn’t expect much.  The main reason that I didn’t hold my breath for this one is mainly because of the cast and yeah, the cast was hardly spectacular.  Yet, I was surprised at how good the movie actually was.  Alex Pettyfer (Wild Child, Tormented) is the “Beast”, the reason for this is because of his vanity and of course, because he pissed off Mary-Kate Olsen (New York Minute and various other Olsen Twin nonsense) and she curses him.  It also stars Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical, Bandslam) and was directed by Daniel Barnz (Phoebe in Wonderland).
Now, don’t get me wrong, saying the movie was good, hardly means I could overlook the fact that Vanessa Hudgens ruined the whole thing with her bad impersonation of Kirsten Stewart on a good day, but other than her, the acting was amazing.  I mean, come on, I expected Mary-Kate to fall flat on her face in this role, and yet she was freaking amazing and quite convincing!  Alex actually made me feel for him as “Beast” (and to be honest, I quite liked that look on him… more than the pretty boy look anyways). 
Unfortunately I will also state that the ending was bland and very anti-climactic.  It was building up so well and then BAM… nothing.  The animation was so much better, and Beastly will never come close to that true love between Beauty and the Beast (that was another fail for the movie, you didn’t really feel the true love).  Let’s say in comparison to the classic Beauty and the Beast, Beastly was more like Beastiality for Alex Pettyfer (oh come on, you all saw Hudgens’ naked pictures, she has that whole 70’s carpet thing going on, that’s going to be like flossing with a horse’s tail). 
Yeah, I may be overcritical and such, but the truth is I still liked the movie and I’d watch it again easily and yes, if you are in the mood for a fairytale fantasy romance or you want to entertain the kids, go for it. 
Rated – 6.5/10

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