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Book Review – Awakened in Sin by Devlin Chase

Frankie is a veterinarian student and he seems to be leading a laid-back, easy-going life with his cat, Odin. The only problem is the annoying friend of his sister, Angelo, who always seems to send his blood boiling one way or the other. What Frankie doesn’t know though is that Angelo is his protector from the vampire fiend, Jacen. Struggling to come to terms with the secrets his sister, Cat, is hiding as well as his own sexuality, Frankie is in for one hell of a ride and Angelo seems confused about whether or not he wants to take the journey with Frankie, but knows that its inevitable in the long run.

Awakened in Sin is the sequel to Captured in Sin and although it still harbours vampire erotica as the main genre, the novel follows the story of Frankie and Angelo instead. As the Ligata becomes aware of his destiny with the handsome model vampire, Angelo, one cannot help but wonder what will happen next as you read page for page, hungry to find out more. It’s not necessarily as sensual as the first novel, yet the plot is as invigorating as ever and definitely a good companion to the first in the Sin Series. Where one would usually shy away from man-on-man erotica, it is done in a tasteful manner that would make you say: “holy shit, that’s hot!”

Devlin Chase is an indie author and unfortunately I feel this series should have been picked up by a publisher, heaven knows it deserves to be marketed as well as Twilight was. The tell-tale signs of “indie book” are visible though, especially in the couple of spelling mistakes and grammar errors I picked up on. However it does not make for a hindrance while reading and it certainly does not make it a bad book whatsoever. In fact, I quite enjoyed the storyline, even if it didn’t have as much action in it as I had hoped initially. It’s a tasteful tale of falling in love with “the one” and coming to terms with your own sexuality. Awakened in Sin also has new characters that compliments the characters from Captured in Sin, bringing in comedic relief and broadening the storyline while still intertwining their fates along with the characters you already know and love. You as a reader are also becoming aware of the backstories of these characters and while the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues still has their place in this novel, the characters backstories aren’t clouded by those elements.

This was not my favourite book in the Sin Series so far, Captured in Sin is still better, however I am not fazed out of buying the third novel, Opposed in Sin and will buy it soon. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it though, you can only do so for the time being by getting in contact with Devlin Chase at devlinchase@gmail.com to place your order. Believe me, it’s worth it.


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