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Film Review – Goth (2003)


Goth starts off where Chrissie awakes to a massacre, drugged, unable to recall what happened and unsure as what the hell she was doing at a place like this, she has to figure out what is going on and why.  Then the film goes back in time to eight hours earlier, she and her boyfriend are getting ready to go party at a goth nightclub.  Here they meet Goth.  Now Goth is extreme, she’s a psychopathic bitch and she can take on even the muscular bouncers seen at stripclubs…  Chrissie and her boyfriend Boone however has to get out of the situation one way or another, before it’s too late… Will they get out alive?


This was an interesting film, with an intriguing plot and a not so bad subplot.  I enjoyed the fact that Chrissie and Goth were playing one another the whole time, and I quite liked the fact that blood played a huge role in the film (well not that big a role, but it was definitely there).  What I didn’t like though was the way that Goth was portrayed (the way of life, not the character).  Sure, us gothic folks love the dark and weird things, we love skulls and bones and whatnot, but I’ve never met a goth that has ever gone that extreme before… it was borderline devil worshipping to be more precise, but hey, live and let live, right?  Other than that, the hostage situation that developed in the case of Boone was relatively unappetising… I’m not going to give any spoilers, but what I will say is they seriously could have picked a better looking hooker that didn’t make him look like a midget that simply disappeared during that scene…


Chrissie, played by an unknown actress named, Laura Reilly (Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets 2) was surprisingly convincing in her role as both predator and prey.  She actually looked like the goths I’ve partied with and for that I will give her a recommendation.  Believe me it’s not easy to pull off that whole lifestyle.  Goth, played by Phoebe Dollar (Hell’s Highway, Blood Sisters) had that psycho-maniac bitch routine down perfectly.  Whereas Boone, played by Dave Stann (The Sixth), did a good job as well…  As for the rest of the cast, most were unconvincing and unfortunately the action sequences were dull, to the point of becoming a snore-fest… actually, the movie was really good until the action bits started coming into play.  Anyways, as far as low-budget films go this film was really worth the watch, even if it may piss off some of my gothic pals.  The film was written and directed by Brad Sykes (Camp Blood 2, Plaguers, Demon’s Kiss)


I only had one question throughout the film (all other questions got resolved in the film, except one)… who was driving the van?  I know it’s a silly question to ask, but if you’re driving around a nutjob all the time, who are you?  Are you just as crazy as the girl named Goth or are you just doing your job?  That question may never be answered.


In short, I enjoyed the film, the budget was not that big, but it was not that bad to watch either.  Like I said, I’ve seen worse… far, far worse.

RATED:  4/10


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