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Film Review – Zombie Undead

Zombie Undead begins with a woman named Sarah holding her stricken dad in her arms as the car swerves through the darkened country roads.  Being redirected towards an evacuation facility on the edge of town, Steve, an off-duty paramedic tries to keep Sarah’s father alive.  They are greeted with chaos when they arrive, bodies lying everywhere, blood everywhere, you name it.  Sarah is overcome with emotion as her father, Mark, goes into convulsions and she faints, only to wake up to a whole different scenario where the world is no longer sunshine and roses.  She has to fight for survival and with the few other survivors she finds along her way, it’s a battle to the death.
Zombie Undead is a film directed by Rhys Davies and written by Kris Tearse, it stars Ruth King, Kris Tearse and Barry Thomas and yeah, it’s an independent British Film that uses a lot of corn syrup for blood, which I obviously approve full heartedly.
*****************************SPOILER ALERT**************************
There are zombies! Plenty of zombies.  People get hunted by zombies and then the zombies eat them.  There is blood and guts and gore and there is bad acting, except from the zombies, which are pretty much dead anyways… 
***************************SPOILER ALERT ENDS**********************
I know, I’m bad. *giggles* Okay, so on with the review… 
Zombie Undead is pretty much supposed to be reminiscent of George A. Romero‘s work and yeah, I completely understand that a lot of zombie film directors want to make their movie stand out like that, but unfortunately not a lot of directors are able to do that.  My question is this, why try to copy something when you can be original? It plays off in a hospital (or an evacuation facility, that looks like a school in my opinion) and instead of making me think of Romero, I was fixated on how it looked more like a Resident Evil meets Silent Hill game, with all those twists and turns and the “I have to find my father” objective being thrown around the whole time… who wouldn’t?
Sadly I have to say that Zombie Undead was not as good as I expected it would be, I watched it with serious intent, hoping that I had finally found another gem in the rough, but alas it turned out I was making fun of it the whole way through (which in the end did make it enjoyable, especially when Dead Nurse #1 was being eaten and zombie #4 was eating her intestines and she blinked).  The acting was really bad and the directing could have been better.  The plot however was really not a bad plot and with more funds it could have been a good zombie movie.
To be fair, I enjoyed it for what it was, it was a bad movie with a few good parts in it.  The action scenes were not as good, but the gore was a lot of fun.  The good and the bad cancelled each other out in the end.
I’d have to advise folks to watch this with friends though… when tequila is flowing freely and you’re in the mood to make fun of a really bad zombie movie.  
Rated:  5/10

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3 Responses to Film Review – Zombie Undead

  1. Mike on June 2, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    You know, I love the way you do your reviews. They make me grin and this review is no different…and it's all good! LOL! Great review! The plot sounds good and I enjoy zombie films, good or bad. I'm just wondering…how long was this girl out after fainting?

  2. The_Reaper on June 2, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    Thanks and you know, I'm not sure, the blood on her head was still wet, so it couldn't have been too long… It doesn't make sense though, because the zombies in Zombie Undead are of the slow kind, which can mean only one thing… them zombies got their hands on some Red Bull 😛 LOL

  3. Mike on June 2, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    LMAO!!!! That has got to be it!!! LOL

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