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Short Film – LEWIS

The team that brought you Slices of Life has reformed and now brings us something new, original and reminiscent of 1970’s Satanic Cult Horror.  LEWIS is something to behold in all its glory, starring the ever beautiful scream queen, Deneen Melody (Slices of Life, Crestfallen, Rose White) as Amanda Reece, who along with her daughter Aubrey runs away from her adulterous husband and back to her childhood home.  Here she meets Sister Louis played by Susan Adriensen (Under the Raven’s Wing, Sculpture).  Now the interesting bits start to happen… this nun is not exactly what people would call “oh so heavenly”, in fact Susan Adriensen was so convincing as the blood and sex met in a sick and twisted (yet oddly erotic) way, it really did make me think back to those old time horrors.

Audrey has an imaginary friend, called Lewis.  Lewis is a fallen angel.  This in short brings the Satanic Cult aspect into perspective.  This whole town’s faith is based around the legend of Lewis and although Amanda does not really register her little girl’s imaginary friend, seeing as she’s too busy trying to put a birthday party together for her, Lewis’ following is more than happy to indulge in the little girl’s playmate…

Directed by Anthony G. Sumner (Slices of Life), the whole feel of the film really achieved what it set out to do and the acting was good enough to leave me wanting more.  The only critique against LEWIS would most probably be that I would have liked it longer (perhaps a full feature film) and that I would have gotten a creepier girl to play Audrey’s role.  For some reason, Audrey just didn’t give me the creepy factor that LEWIS needed.  Other than that though, I have to say, the film lingers.  There were quite a few “what the fuck” moments…

I was really surprised with how well the demon scene came out, the use of both CGI and old school special effects came together splendidly, showing that even if you’re on a budget, you can make it a good viewing experience for your viewers.

I would recommend this film to anyone that loved 1970’s Satanic Cult Horrors and any other horror fanatic in the mood to watch something different.  I would also add to this statement that even though there’s still a The Omen feel to LEWIS…  Damian from The Omen was a wimpy bitch in comparison.  So there we go.  If you liked The Omen and it didn’t give you the willy nillies and you want something more adult then watch LEWIS.

LEWIS will form a part of the upcoming anthology Psycho Street so keep your eyes open for that one too!

On a more personal note (for information purposes):  Not wanting to give anything away, but if anyone can tell me what that fetish is called where you get kinky with wounds and stuff (you know sticking fingers into wounds while having a little ride), please let me know…  Other than that, I do know it’s not called cannibalism!  Cannibalism is where you eat human flesh (also present in LEWIS), so don’t tell me that’s what it’s called.

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