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Film Review: Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story


Mondo Sexxx: The Terry Kobrah Story is an intriguing tale of the man, Terry Kobrah. Shot in a mockumentary type of way, the film is about the absurdity of one man, his actions were revolting and he loved it! He was at the top of the world, his fans loved his work! He had a cult following of underground horror lovers, which came to his shows to watch on-stage abortions being performed, sex shows on stage and anything else that people would classify as complete taboo.  In all regards, Terry Kobrah was a jerk, an exploitive jerk to be exact. He loved exploiting women, men, disabled folks etcetera, merely for his own sick pleasure of it. But that’s not exactly the complete point of this film… sure, we have exploitation and a lot of crazy ass nonsense going on in this movie, but what you have to look into is Terry Kobrah’s past (which is also shown in this film). Here you see an abused child, a boy who had a whole future, but a father that simply didn’t care and who would rather abuse his own son than give him a chance to succeed.

Yes, behind the exploitation film, there is a story.

Mondo Sexxx: The Terry Kobrah Story looks at first glance like a porn film (especially if you look at the title, right?), well it’s not really. It’s a horror film that follows the life of this character (Charlie Cooper) and how he built his life up into this strange, unidentifiable world that most people probably won’t be able to relate to… but it’s his sudden downfall that brings him back to earth and makes him face his demons.

I loved the directing of Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story, which, as I had already mentioned, was shot in mockumentary fashion… Now, people would think this is easy to do, but it’s not necessarily. It takes a lot of work to put together a film like this and I must give praise to director, Logan Meyers, for capturing the true essence of the story. There were some places which the acting was not as good as it could be, but keeping in mind the fact that this movie was shot for under $1000.00 and that it’s a feature length film! Well, I have nothing more to say, other than: “I AM IMPRESSED!”

The premise of the film is strong and it’ll make you pity Terry. The exploitation is sick, but quite intriguing if you understand what Logan Meyers was trying to do and I’d say for the budget, it’s really a well made movie. In the same breathe though, I’d not recommend this movie for the faint of heart or to those that has a problem with graphic scenes. However, for the horror lover that needs something daring and adventurous, go for it! Put it on your “to-watch” list… I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whatsoever!

You can check out the trailer here and judge for yourself, but in my opinion, I’d say watch it. As far as independent films go, this one is certainly top notch.

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