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Super Elastic Devil Plastic by Jake Bannerman

September 17, 2011

So this has been quite an interesting ride kiddos! Imagine you are a normal Joe who decides to write a book and next thing you know everyone wants a piece of your ass!

I love it!!! I was invited to do a weekly column here and I did not hesitate because one of the things I have learned is when you write a book it that you write it. Then you have it edited which essentially means you write it again. Then you have test readers who edit and rewrite it again.

Then comes the really fun part; you try and get interviews about the book you have written 3 effing times! You reach a point where all you can think about is your goddamn book and you need a break!!!

I wanted to do this post to take a step away from the books and showcase more of who is behind the books. Plus, they say it is great for promotion LOL!

I piss people off when I’m asleep and they are giving me a platform?!?!?

That’s insanity!!!

So stay tuned each week for my new column Super Elastic Devil Plastic!!

Blessed are the sick,

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  • http://www.killeraphrodite.com the_reaper

    From Killer Aphrodite, we’d just like to welcome Jake to the family. Hopefully he’ll enjoy you guys just as much as we enjoy having him here!

    — Monique “The Reaper” Snyman

  • http://Www.thegoatfranchise.wordpress.com Jake Bannerman

    Hey just wanted everyone to know The Pitcfork Diaries
    Are on sale for .99 cents all this week on smashwords.com

  • http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com Shah Wharton

    Good for you Jake. Look forward to reading your insane bullshit – ;D Only cause I loves ya though ;P X

  • http://Www.thegoatfranchise.wordpress.com Jake Bannerman

    An explanation: 14 years ago I was told I have a rare form of leukemia a slow degenerate form of blood cancer that effects my joints (psoriatic arthritis ) as well as caused blockage in my veins due to the effects on my livers ability to properly filter.
    At the time they said I may not make it to 40. This is something I have kept quiet about for a long time.
    I am not going to die anytime soon,
    However due to the progression of the disease I am going to start chemo.
    My writing will not be effected many do not know this but in 8 months I wrote The Harvest,The Pitchfork Diaries and over 30,000 words of Return to Sender and have half of Pitchfork 2 finished AND the beginning of K13 which will come out Halloween 2012. I also have 9 more books in the works! I am not going to let me stop me I promise you. Each time a book sells a % goes to cancer research,
    Thanks to everyone who has written in my support and thank all of you who are a part of The Family of Dog/The Goat Franchise!
    Blessed are the Sick,
    P.S. I love being here at KA and super elastic devil plastic will continue!!!
    Thank you Monique :)


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