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Short Film Review: T is for Tag

T is for Tag is another entry into the ABC’s of Death short film competition, this competition has been making a big splash in the horror world lately.  T is for Tag is a short film about guilt.  After Aki’s ghost appears to her sister, making her face her come to terms with her sins and wanting revenge for her death, it’s up to Miki to make up for her mistakes and appeal for her sister’s mercy by showing she’s sorry.  The film has an Asian elements to it, much along the lines of Ju-on, however the Americanization can be felt and it makes the film slightly awkward to watch at some points.  I will admit that I liked T is for Tag, because it’s not like all the other submissions in the ABC’s of Death competition, but I’ll quickly state that there are some problems with it as well.  To the unseasoned horror viewer, the short film will not show any problems whatsoever, it’s good… To someone who enjoys foreign horror on the other hand it’s a whole different story.

One of my friends mentioned that perhaps it would have been better if they made the characters French and made the “cut scene” deeper and bloodier, after a second viewing I completely agree.  Then again, it’s directed really well and the storyline is adequate, so I’m going to give a thumb’s up to this one and vote.

To those who would like to watch T is for Tag at http://26th.theabcsofdeath.com/t-is-for-tag/ but do note that there’s nudity and violence present, so don’t let the kiddies watch.  Also, if you do enjoy it, don’t hesitate to vote for it and spread the news around.

Starring Mariko Miyamitsu and Eri Akita, Camera by Arturo Guerrero, Translations Director Andy Sere, Translations by Andy Sere and Jun Okamoto, Makeup by Sarah Serigano, Makeup Effects by Tessa Philbrick, Music by Kevin MacLeod and Ginnetta Correli, Associate Producer T. Anthony Moore, Produced by Andy Sere, Written & Edited & Directed by Shane Ryan.

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