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Film Review: The Core

You know that saying people use: “The world doesn’t revolve around you”, well what do you do when the world stops revolving completely?  The Core is a doomsday flick that brings that probability to the screen in the form of an intriguing storyline that’s very much out of the box (and into the core of the Earth).  Now, one wouldn’t think it would be such a calamity if the Earth stopped moving, especially when you slept through science class when the teacher was giving a lesson on that probability, but The Core shows exactly how important it is that the Earth should spin.  If it didn’t, the result would pretty much be this movie… disasters would strike around the globe, birds would start acting insane or simply fall dead out of the sky, pacemakers would stop working, etcetera.  If the Earth stopped rotating, we’d have a problem, that much is sure.  However, if that ever happened, we have the brilliance of director Jon Amiel to look back upon as far as inspiration for a solution is concerned…

The Core stars Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Shyer and Hilary Swank among only a few great actors and their characters are being sent down into the core of the planet to set off a sequenced explosion of nuclear energy, hoping that it would kick-start the Earth to spin again. There are a lot of problems though… Firstly, the core is one hot entity, so what will be hard enough to resist the temperature?  What about the nuclear weapons?  How will they actually get into the core, because let’s face it, it’s a long way down into hell.

All of those questions are answered and in turn we have a thrilling adventure into a place many of us wouldn’t have deemed necessary to see, giving us a great doomsday movie that will excite us and keep us entertained.

I’m not sure why so many people don’t like The Core as much as any other doomsday movie, but I do.  I feel it’s not ordinary.  I mean the end of the world is going to be something a little more realistic, no?  Then technically the Earth stopping will be a probable occurrence, especially when you look at the amount of natural disasters that has happened during 2011 with birds falling out of the sky or earthquakes or even storms that have been disastrous to some places.  So yes, it is probable and The Core is a well thought out film that makes some sense to me.

All in all I’d say give it a try at the very least.  The mixed reviews is something to go by though, because people either love it or hate it.  So keep that in mind when watching The Core.

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