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DVD Review: Aukmen

Aukmen, a film about a down on his luck engineer from Qatar, who gives up his job and his life to move to Thailand to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional fighter.  However, when he gets to Bangkok he quickly runs into a world of trouble as unfortunate events follow him, leaving him broke and helpless.  Lucky for him though, he is taken in by a traditional Muay Thai camp, which is owned by Apidej and his granddaughter Katoon, where he is given a chance to finally reach his goal.

Bad cinematography accompanies a bad script and even worse acting, which makes Aukmen pretty much a disaster film.  What put me off the most was not the bad cinematography though, it was the fact that the script was so very badly written.  I can overlook bad acting and such, but when the scriptwriter goes out to make a fool out of the viewer and clearly tries to undermine the viewer’s intelligence, well then it gets personal. What’s more is that this is supposed to be a fight film, but the fighting’s choreography is mediocre at best.  There simply isn’t a decent thing to say about this movie and anyone who feels differently is probably smoking crack. I apologise for my bluntness on how I view this film, but the sad truth of the matter is that although I am more of a horror film fanatic, I was brought up watching really bad action films and usually I embrace them for what they are.  Aukmen simply cannot be deemed as being money well spent, not from a production point of view or a purchase point of view.  There just isn’t a cinematic value that can be put to it.  As I said, the worst thing of it all is the script, anybody who deems viewers as being idiots should not be making movies.

Aukmen was originally released on video as Down for the Count in 2009 and stars Ahmad Rashid Al-Sulaiti, Ying-Julaluck Ismalone and Kaoklai Kannorasing.  The film was written by David Ismalone, who usually acts and do stunts (Ultraviolet, Vampires: The Turning)…

So yes, if you feel you want to see a movie that will undermine your intelligence and just give you a headache, watch Aukmen, but I can’t say that you’ll feel any differently about it than I did.

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