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Short Film Review: The Stolen

When you’re young, your imagination runs wild, innocence is your only line of defence and yet, in some cases innocence is your biggest weakness.  When Essie sees her brother bullying another boy and he gets put into a cage, she dares to save him.  When Essie saves this beaten boy, she is granted a secret wish…  Unfortunately not all wishes come with warning labels…

The Stolen is a dark fantasy short film, which is currently being screened at Cannes’ Short Film Corner and with good reason too.  Director Karen Lam (Stained) was able to capture that magical element, which is usually very difficult to create in such a short film, but she does it with class and keeps the viewer intrigued throughout the few minutes.  The Stolen made me think back to the Grimm Brothers‘ stories and how those fairytales typically was told, the darkness within it… the romantic cinematography and the children who learn lessons out of it all…  It was beautiful to watch and frankly, I enjoyed it immensely.

The only set-back that I have with this short film is the length.  I could have easily watched 90 minutes of it!  It’s extremely hard to tell a whole story in five or so minutes, but Lam was able to capture the essence and create something worthwhile.  The Stolen stars Sarah Lind (Severed) and Lilah Fitzgerald (Supernatural).

Karen Lam is a director to look out for and I’d love to see her do more dark feature films in the dark fantasy genre, you’d think the same once you’ve seen this short.

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One Response to Short Film Review: The Stolen

  1. Mauricew1 on May 25, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    Congrats on the great review Karen, I hope it brings many things to you.

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