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TV: True Blood Season 5 Clips and Sneaks!

All those Truebies out there can look forward to a whole new season of True Blood fun come to HBO on 10 June 2012, especially with my favourite boy-toy (and apparently the only man I need to fight away from Pissed off Geek) Alexander Skarsgard as Eric.  I love the show even though I just got into it recently and I’ve been keen on checking out the news lately.  So, imagine my happy dance when I found some clips to tease the fellow Truebies with?! Now, to those who think it’s a little too smutty… you’re right, it is, but damn it I don’t want Skarsgard covered up AT ALL, so shush it and enjoy the ride.

Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that killing off that bitch at the end of Season 4 is going to bite our boys in the butt later on in the season?

Oooh I can only imagine what Alcide is going to do once he finds out… or maybe he won’t do anything, especially when you think about what Pam had to say in the previous season. Let me quote her quickly… “I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name. F**k Sookie!” My thoughts exactly, but alas you can’t have the good without the terrible.

Are you at least excited too? I mean, I’m itching for the new season!  Hope you enjoy it and hey, don’t forget to set your reminders folks! We don’t want to miss the vampires and blood.

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