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News: Cinemas Prepping for Halloween with TCM Classics


With Halloween nearing, all the horror lovers are starting to come out of their shells and slowly, but surely all the cinemas are getting ready to unleash the gory wonders that old cinema achieved.  TCM and NCM Fathom is not sitting back and allowing modern franchises to get all the glory though, with quite...
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DVD Review: My Mother’s Secret


When Lori Colson finds out that she is expecting her first child, she and her husband have the normal worries that comes along with a new life being brought into the world.  However, when she finds out that she was adopted, she decides to find her biological parents, in the hopes to know who...
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DVD Review: The Grey

The Grey

In Alaska, a group of oil-drillers are looking to go home after the rotation has been made.  They pack up, get in the plane, but things quickly go haywire as the plane crashes.  If that’s not enough a pack of hungry, vengeful wolves are picking off the survivors one after another and it’s up...
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DVD Review – World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2


It’s been three months since the viral outbreak pretty much wiped out the human population.  However, there are still survivors and although the flesh-eating living dead are still trying to get their rotting hands on them, survivors are trying to put up a fight for their lives.  In the UK though, there is a...
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DVD Review: Rampart


It’s 1999 and Dave Brown, a trigger-happy, racist, sexist veteran police officer in down-town Los Angeles is trying to take care of his family, whilst trying to survive at the same time.  However, after he is caught on camera in what the public deems as “police brutality”, his life is put under the microscope...
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DVD Review: Good Deeds


Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) is looking for something more in his life.  Yes, he’s got money, the perfect fiancée, the extravagant car and although his brother is on the wrong side of the track, Wesley has taken him under his wing and is trying his best.  Unfortunately that’s not what he wants in life.  Wesley...
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DVD Review: Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)


Freddy is a manipulator and uses Jason to strike fear into the teenagers’ hearts as he tries to come back to life.  However, unknown to Jason, Freddy’s intentions aren’t half as pure as he might think and as soon as these teenagers gets the chance they try to put these two characters up against...
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News: Putting Africa in the Spotlight with the 33rd Durban International Film Festival

33rd Durban FF

Thrilled is what Ster-Kinekor Theatres feels about hosting the 33rd Durban International Film Festival at Ster-Kinekor Theatres Musgrave and Cinema Nouveau Gateway from the 20th to the 29th of July 2012. With 106 screenings taking place between the two Ster-Kinekor venues, this year’s festival is certain to make a big impact in Kwazulu Natal!...
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News: Horror Film “Brutal” Starring Phantasm’s A. Michael Baldwin Now Complete!

A. Michael Baldwin

“Brutal” starring A. Michael Baldwin of Don Coscarelli’s “Phantasm” franchise is now completed – and looking for distribution. Baldwin waited 12 years for the right film to to come along to make his return to the big screen. The whole world sees him as Mike Pearson from “Phantasm”, a very iconic part. Many film...
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News: Ster-Kinekor’s SKARE-FEST Set To Scare Audiences Senseless


Ster-Kinekor Theatres, South’s Africa’s largest cinema exhibitor, will leave you shaking in your boots this month with the launch of their exclusive SKARE-FEST (aka SCARE-FEST). Not for the faint-hearted, the movie festival is designed to bring some of the most thrilling, hair-raising movies to the big screen. SKARE-FEST will launch on 20 July and...
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