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DVD Review: Store Wars – When Wal-Mart Comes to Town


What do you think about when you hear USA?  Sure, some may think about the civil war or Hollywood, but some may actually see Wal-Mart’s logo in their mind’s eye.  Store Wars – When Wal-Mart Comes to Town is a story of a small town in America trying to keep the massive chain store...
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DVD Review: China Blue


We all have a pair of jeans, some may have numerous jeans, but what goes into making those perfect pairs of jeans?  Who are the people that makes those jeans and what are the circumstances behind making jeans?  China Blue is a documentary that reveals what goes on behind the scenes of making the...
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Short Film: Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw

Jenny Ringo

Bored?  Looking for something to do, but not really in the mood to stand up and do it?  Well look no further, because I found something fun and entertaining and something you really need to watch.  Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw is a short horror comedy film that revolves around a witch trying...
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DVD Review: Truth or Dare


It’s the end of the semester and the university students are having a good old party, with sex, drugs and some rock and roll.  Soon the fun really begins as the popular game, truth or dare starts.  However, it turns sour when the outsider in a circle of friends reveal his secret crush…  Months pass...
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Short Film Review: Rose White

Rose White - Poster

Based on the classic Grimm Brothers‘ fairytale, Snow-White and Rose Red, this film takes a modern approach in its adaptation to bring it to life for audiences.  As Lily lives in her fantasy world, which is dark and beautiful and surreal in so many ways, her older sister, Rosalyn has to make ends meet...
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DVD Review – Children of the Corn: Genesis


After becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere, Tim and Allie hikes into the remote desert to find shelter.  They stumble upon a remote house where a weird guy, Preacher, and his mail-order bride, Oksana, gives them the opportunity to call a towtruck.  However, Tim is too tempted and greedy to just pay the...
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DVD Review: The Great Ghost Rescue

The Great Ghost Rescue (2011)

Meet Humphrey, an orphan ghost who believes that the co-existence between humans and ghosts are possible.  However, his adoptive family of ghosts do not believe that this is possible and even though they are put out of their dwelling and are forced to make their existence known to human beings, they still believe that...
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News: Cinemas Prepping for Halloween with TCM Classics


With Halloween nearing, all the horror lovers are starting to come out of their shells and slowly, but surely all the cinemas are getting ready to unleash the gory wonders that old cinema achieved.  TCM and NCM Fathom is not sitting back and allowing modern franchises to get all the glory though, with quite...
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DVD Review: My Mother’s Secret


When Lori Colson finds out that she is expecting her first child, she and her husband have the normal worries that comes along with a new life being brought into the world.  However, when she finds out that she was adopted, she decides to find her biological parents, in the hopes to know who...
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DVD Review: The Grey

The Grey

In Alaska, a group of oil-drillers are looking to go home after the rotation has been made.  They pack up, get in the plane, but things quickly go haywire as the plane crashes.  If that’s not enough a pack of hungry, vengeful wolves are picking off the survivors one after another and it’s up...
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