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Posts Tagged ‘ Dracula ’

Book Review: Dracula Cha Cha Cha by Kim Newman


It’s 1959 in Rome, and Dracula is set to tie the knot with a Maldovian Princess as the world watches.  Anyone who is anyone is attending this grand affair, but it seems like not many of them will be able to attend the occasion, because of a masked perpetrator is walking the streets and...
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DVD Review: Daylight Fades


When Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Johnny, is in a car accident and near death’s door, he gets turned into a vampire by a mysterious man.  Seth, a tormented, yet honourable vampire could not bear to see Johnny and Elizabeth being without one another and this motivated him to change Johnny into a vampire.  However, the change...
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Book Review: The Bloody Red Baron by Kim Newman


It is 1918 and World War I is at hand. Dracula is commander-in-chief of the armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary, but the war of the great powers in Europe is also a war between the living and the dead, though history books certainly didn’t bring that into the equation for us.  Making it an...
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Competition: Global Vampire Casting Competition *CLOSED*

Competition: Global Vampire Casting Competition *CLOSED*

UK Company Castalides Pictures gives the opportunity to millions of aspiring vampires to play one with the launch of very first cross media global vampire casting campaign: THE VAMPIRE WEDDING CASTING COMPETITION by using Facebook, Twitter YouTube, iPhone and Android APPs to cast them. In the wake of the great success of Twilight and...
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