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News: Two Exciting New TERMINATRYX Music Videos!

News: Two Exciting New TERMINATRYX Music Videos!

Experience the exciting first singles and music videos from South Africa’s unique female-fronted Alternative / Industrial / Metal band TERMINATRYX. ” O B S E S S I O N ” (Cover Version) TERMINATRYX delivers an invigorating cover version of the ’80s classic “Obsession” (written by Holly Knight & Michael Des Barres, popularized by Animotion). Directed...
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DVD Review: Some Guy Who Kills People


Ken Boyd is a victim of bullies.  When he was in high school, he was bullied to such an extent that he had to be committed for being suicidal and depressed later on in life.  He lost his spunky attitude and became a shadow of his former self, but that’s all in the past...
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DVD Review: Vanishing on 7th Street


  When people disappear out of the Detroit area and the daylight fades almost to a non-existent entity, only a few survivors are left and they all seem to be drawn to the light of Sonny’s bar, like moths to a flame.  However, the darkness is growing stronger and its tricks are  making it...
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TV: True Blood Season 5 Clips and Sneaks!


All those Truebies out there can look forward to a whole new season of True Blood fun come to HBO on 10 June 2012, especially with my favourite boy-toy (and apparently the only man I need to fight away from Pissed off Geek) Alexander Skarsgard as Eric.  I love the show even though I...
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DVD Review: Daylight Fades


When Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Johnny, is in a car accident and near death’s door, he gets turned into a vampire by a mysterious man.  Seth, a tormented, yet honourable vampire could not bear to see Johnny and Elizabeth being without one another and this motivated him to change Johnny into a vampire.  However, the change...
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Trailer: House at the End of the Street


House at the End of the Street is said to be one of the most anticipated horror films of this year and with good reason too, it looks like a thrilling ride that will give you the absolute creeps.  Creepy movies are good, don’t you think? I mean, it looks much better than last...
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Blu-Ray Review: Return of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead Blu-ray

When a medical supplies warehouse worker accidentally set off a mysterious US military chemical that brings the dead back to life with a hunger for brains, nobody thought that it would turn out to be so disastrous.  The chain of events that was set off could literally mean the end of the world as a...
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DVD Review: Don’t Let Him In


  What do you do when you’re in the middle of a territorial battle between two serial killers?  You can’t run, because they both want blood and you can’t hide, because some way or another one will survive and come looking for you.  Your only chance is to fight for your life… Don’t Let...
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Trailer: The Apparition


What if everything existed as long as people believed in it?  This is exactly what The Apparition tries to recreate in this horror flick that seems to bring the supernatural to life… literally.  It looks pretty much like every horror film that ever scared or gave a few chills rolled into one and as...
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Trailer: Torture Chamber


Are you in the mood for an occult type of film that brings the supernatural world into your horror-loving heart?  Look no further, because Dante Tomaselli (Desecration, Satan’s Playground) is back with a new film that will likely give us exactly that.  Torture Chamber looks freaky as hell and the trailer captures what I look for...
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