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Posts Tagged ‘ horror ’

Film News (UK): Horror Channel to celebrate FrightFest

Pan's Labyrinth

Horror Channel’s film highlights for August are to include a celebration of the annual FrightFest event, the UK’s leading horror and fantasy film festival. In the week that  FrightFest celebrates its 15th year, Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth chooses her favourite movies from festivals past, which she’ll also introduce. Among them are Guillermo Eel...
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Film news (UK): Film4 FrightFest marks 15th year at new home with record 64 films, embracing 13 world and 38 UK & European premieres


Film4 FrightFest 2014, returning for its 15th year, unveils its biggest line-up ever. From Thurs 21 August to Monday 25 August, the UK’s leading event for genre fans will be at the Vue West End, Leicester Square, to present sixty-four films plus twenty shorts across five screens. There are sixteen countries representing five continents...
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DVD Review: Chained


Coming home from a routine trip to the movies, eight-year-old Tim (Evan Bird) and his mother, Sarah (Julia Ormond) are picked up by a psychopathic cab driver named Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio). It ends up being their last ride together. Bob murders the young boy’s mother and keeps Tim as his unwilling protegee, making him...
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DVD Review: Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Haunted house film about a pair of sleep deprived parents who begin to experience disturbing visions after moving from the city to a country estate. Alex and Penny have just become parents of a baby boy when they decide that the city is no place to raise a child. Relocating to a farmhouse, the...
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DVD Review: Aftershock


After an earthquake erupts in Chile, tourist discover that a neighboring prison in the area collapsed in the event, and all surviving criminals managed to break free. Soon they learn that the most terrifying thing, more threatening that Mother Nature, is what she created. Aftershock starts off in a club, where Eli Roth (Gringo)...
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Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Title: Frankenstein Author: Mary Shelley Publisher: Penguin Books Published: August 2013 Genre: Horror Rating: 9/10 The epic battle between man and monster reaches its greatest pitch in the famous story of Frankenstein. In trying to create life, the young student Victor Frankenstein unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings...
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Book Review: American Supernatural Tales

American Supernatural Tales

Title: American Supernatural Tales Edited: S.T. Joshi Publisher: Penguin Books Published: August 2013 Genre: Anthology Rating: 9/10 American Supernatural Tales is the ultimate collection of weird and frightening American short fiction. As Stephen King will attest, the popularity of the occult in American literature has only grown since the days of Edgar Allan Poe. The book celebrates the richness of this...
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Book Review: Succulent Flesh by Roger Cowin

Succulent Flesh

Title: Succulent FleshAuthor: Roger CowinPublisher: James Ward Kirk PublishingPublished:  July 2013Genre: PoetryRating: 6/10 This exquisite collection of horror poetry by Roger Cowin will seep into your dreams and harvest your soul. His real-life dreams put into verse glow like a red light in a black room. Prepare yourself for the evil and horror that capers within us and around us....
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DVD Review: Evidence


Evidence is a film that revolves around a massacre that had happened in the middle of nowhere, after a bus accidentally flipped on its way to Las Vegas.  The driver and passengers need to fight for their survival as a serial killer stalks them.  However, the film starts where a detective needs to compile...
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Book Review: For Those Who Dream Monsters by Anna Taborska

For those who dream monsters

Title: For Those Who Dream Monsters Editor: Anna Taborska Publisher: Mortbury Press Published: October 2013 Genre: Horror Rating: 8/10 What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? What waits for you in the dark? Face your fears and embark on a journey to the dark side of the human condition. Defy the demons that prey on you and...
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