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Posts Tagged ‘ Jane Austen ’

Book Review: Haunted Heart by Tania Donald

Click on the Image to Purchase "Haunted Heart" by Tania Donald

The year is 1838, the time when Jane Austen‘s novels are read throughout the whole of England, where young women dream of a match made in heaven, to fall in love and to live well.  It’s a time when Eloise Morton has a suitor that is kind and gentle and would make a good...
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DVD Review: Scents and Sensibility

Scents and Sensibility

After Elinor and Marianne’s father is charged with fraud, money-laundering and swindling investors out of their money, his family is left penniless and the heiresses to the company name need to find jobs.  However, finding a job is easier said than done with their last names being blacklisted at any business worthy of its...
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TV Mini-Series Review: Emma (2009)


Emma Woodhouse has a very privileged life, considering that her mother died when she was very young.  At least she wasn’t sent away and she was allowed to stay at home, unlike the two other children who’s mothers died in much the same manner.  When Emma grows up though, she is content in her home and...
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